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Open hours: 9am - 2pm Weekdays

Why opt for using raw supplements?

There is a vast variety of choice on the shelves today. Some are without doubt excellent supplementation formulas, and they do give good results. The “hottest new best thing” is always pushed harder, usually with a price tag that will make your wallet cringe with fear. That’s just the way it is. Knowledge, research and progress don’t come cheap. However, the fundamentals stay the same.

When you go raw, it’s less convenient to measure and mix. For some of us this is exactly the point. It’s a way of life. We want to know exactly what we put into our bodies. Speak to any serious athlete and you will notice how much care is taken with an eating plan. It is a precise science. Eating right is an integral part of any training program. Apart from economic benefits, raw supplements give more control to the individual.

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