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Open hours: 9am - 2pm Weekdays
Open hours: 9am - 2pm Weekdays

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Before I give you a little company background information I want to ask you something. Do you sometimes lack the motivation to get off your backside and do something? I had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in bed for 6 weeks after an operation. After this period you will, like me feel the need to do something about the 6 weeks of flab buildup! I would like to think that Basic Supplements was sparked from this same need. Being frustrated and doing something about it.

Early in 2009 an old rugby injury to my back resulted in surgery. Afterwards I was stuck in bed for several weeks. The experience kicked up my motivation levels a lot and I wanted to get back into shape. I used my down time to plan my eating and training program. I spoke to a number of people with years of experience and joined a few online forums.

Being an Average Joe with a day job and a tight budget my biggest challenge was money! Good quality supplements don’t come cheap. I tried my best to find good quality affordable products and even tried to buy from overseas. It was still too expensive! Just as I was about to give up, I managed to get my hands on some raw pharmaceutical products, in bulk. It was too much to use all on my own, so I asked a few friends and fellow online forum members to share a bag with me.

Things gained momentum quickly as more people wanted to share. Basic Supplements was born! Today we share more than a few bags with committed sports folk all over Southern Africa. *Basic Supplements has grown into a little company with one mission: To source and deliver high quality, unflavoured, uncoloured, undiluted and unchanged raw pharmaceutical grade products to serious sportsmen and women.* We focus on the fundamentals, because the truth is simple. If you don’t have the basics in place you won’t reach your goals no matter what product you use. Build your foundation strong! A good training program, diet, correct supplementation and commitment will get you there.

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Thanks and as per usual, brilliant service


...thanks for the awsome products once again...

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Thanx vir awesome supplements weereens en regtig amazing customer service

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