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Open hours: 9am - 2pm Weekdays
Open hours: 9am - 2pm Weekdays
With what service will the package be sent?

We generally use Dawn Wing couriers but also make use of ARAMAX Couriers at times

How long after I made payment will my package be sent?

We have a standing arrangement with the couriers to pick up every Wednesday. All payments of orders that reflect at noon on a Tuesday will be sent out on the Wednesday.

How will I know that my package have been sent?

You will receive a tracking number on Wednesday evening via e-mail

How long does it take for a package to get delivered?

Depending on where you live it should be next day delivery. Two days is normally the maximum waiting period.

What are the charges involved?

All charges is shown when you confirm you’re order. It is just your courier cost & products.

Why is shipping not included like with many other sites?

We believe that you as customer should not pay for shipping charges through higher product prices.

How do I know where my package is?

Follow the link for Dawn Wing http://www.dawnwing.co.za/business-tools/online-parcel-tracking/ or Aramax https://www.aramex.com/track/shipments
Simply type in your tracking number and you will be able to see where your package is.


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