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Staying committed to one’s goals during the winter is always a struggle. With the weather warming up we are definitely noticing a steady climb in motivation levels. Yes, now is the time to turn up the volume and get back in action!
On our side we have been busy putting a few new things in place. Watch out for the following:
           BCAA caps. (500 capsules @ R175) Ready to order.
           Whey Protein Isolate. (R240/1,5kg)  Ready to order.
At the moment we are redesigning our product labels. The current label does not include all the necessary product information. As we always strive to better our service the new labels will provide all the necessary information.
We also had a few requests to include flavourants in our product line. Therefore we are currently busy developing our own range of the classic flavours. This proved to be more challenging than first anticipated as we want to steer clear of excessive sugars and unhealthy chemicals as much as possible. However we are happy to announce that we are making very good progress.
Please let us know how things are going with the competitions and don't hesitate to post your pictures on our Facebook page.
Thank you for all the support and feedback, your input is as always highly appreciated and valued.
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